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Open Source Leadership



Open Source Leadership is devoted to the area of human consciousness and human behavior by standing open to the world.

Sustaining the open encourages collaboration, and the open-source leadership hosts multiple perspectives that are free to access and is designed and developed with participation as the central principle.

The human capital development will play a disproportionate role in shaping the future of the society that works for all, with no one and nothing left out. And that elevates human performance across the entire spectrum of human activity and all areas of living.

To innovate, collaborate, and integrate―open source leadership and contribute write-ups to reach us at The value of collaborations will leave you exercising leadership as your natural self-expression.


For Individuals / Communities / Organizations

We offer enrollment programs for individuals and groups worldwide to elevate human performance and quality of life.

We work in partnership with community-based organizations, non-profits, foundations, universities, organizations, and donors to increase free access to our open-source leadership programs.

Learn more about our projects and explore our programs.